An Illegal dump within the Bull Run Watershed

In February of 2009, the Chapter completed the cleanup of an illegal dump on Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority (NVRPA) property. Covering perhaps a quarter acre we removed more than 3 1/2 tons of solid waste from the site

55 gallon steel drums labeled ATF fluid and steel roofing Washing machines, stoves and other large appliances

Ned Foster of the Friends of Little Rocky Run discovered this dump last November and brought it to our attention.

As an Adopt A Stream Participant, we generally concern ourselves only with cleaning Bull Run and it adjoining flood plain, however we decided that since it was in the Bull Run Watershed and winter tends to be a slack time for stream cleanups that we would take it on as a project.

Perched up on a hill overlooking Bull Run, the site is located within Bull Run Regional Park, west of Paradise Mill Road and south of Compton Road. It appears that the dump had been in use for many years until the late 1990's. Strewn about the forest floor was an awe inspiring accumulation of house hold trash, contractor debris, and automotive refuse. No single photograph I could take would do it justice.

Catalog of Trash Removed

108 bags of household trash 2999
12 bags of solidified lead base paint 532
broken glass 100
6 automobile tires 162
two 55 gallon steel drums 76
29 sheets of metal roofing 493
large appliances, wire fencing and other metal 2940
steel cable 14
wooden ladder,pallets, concrete pipes 267
lead acid car battery 20
water- petroleum distillate mixture drained from steel drums 8
two quarts of ethylene glycol based radiator fluid 4
Total 7615
Trash bags from the Bull Run Dump Site. 01-16-2009 Aubrey Petit and Ned Foster load metal onto the trailer 01-31-09.

The cleanup started at the beginning of January and we had pretty much finished by mid February due in large part to Ned Foster who worked onsite weekend after weekend.

Saturday January 31th,Chapter Member Aubrey Petitt and the owner of Whitetail Express1 contributed his services to haul away 2940 pounds of discarded appliances and metal. We would also like to thank the other volunteers who participated as well as the workers at Bull Run Park who came out to the site to pick up the bagged trash.

Chapter Members, Aubrey Petitt and Suzanne Malone. 01-31-2009

Perhaps the most problematic aspect of the clean up were the plastic shopping bags, milk jugs and other items made of HDPE and PVC plastics that were scattered throughout the site. Exposed to the elements for so many years, these plastic items had become so brittle that they fell apart when touched. We endevoured to removed as much as possible but some fragments were too small to be picked up as a practical matter. The unfortunate thing about modern plastics, is that there is a limited window of opportunity to pick up these items while they are still intact once they have been discarded.

Click on this link for information about our next scheduled Adopt-A-Stream cleanup of Bull Run.

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