Arlington Fairfax Chapter

of the

Izaak Walton League of America

Watershed Conservation Activities

Adopt A Stream Cleanup of Bull Run

March 6, 2010 9:00 am to 12:00 noon

Location : Bull Run downstream from the Route 28 Bridge

From L-R Chet Bowie, Craig Osteen, Ned Foster, Lindy Bowie, Andrew Lynch, Jason Milton, Ben Bolash

On March 6th, ten volunteers removed 245 pounds of styrofoam, plastic bottles and bags from Bull Run. Most of it was collected from from a pile of flood borne debris in a side channel just downstream of the route 28 Bridge but we cleaned a large area of the flood plain as well.

Volunteers included Arlington Fairfax Chapter Members Ned Foster, Craig Osteen, Chet and Lindy Bowie and Colin Riley as well as Janice and Ken Gigliello, Ben Bolash, Andrew Lynch and Jason Milton.

It was considerably colder in the morning that it was at this same time last year. The air temperature was near freezing with a brisk wind which made the hot coffee and donuts provided by the Bowies to the cleanup participants a welcome treat.

Click on this link for information about our next scheduled Adopt-A-Stream cleanup of Bull Run.

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1 Bull Run is a stream that runs into the Occoquan River and as such is part of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed.