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Izaak Walton League of America

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Adopt A Stream Cleanup of Bull Run

August 1, 2010

Location : Bull Run downstream from the Route 28 Bridge

The focus of this effort was on removing plastic debris floating in Bull Run and caught on various strainers. In a three hour period we filled 13 bags with trash as well as carrying out a 149 pound truck tire. Total weight collected was 400 pounds. Volunteers included Arlington Fairfax Chapter Members Ned Foster, Vinnie Caporale, Bill Rouck, Paul Miller and Colin Riley.

Paul Miller looks for solid footing on a strainer in Bull Run Ned Foster extracts trash from a log jam in Bull Run

A large fallen sycamore and an accumulation of drift wood created a strainer which caught much of the trash that we collected. The primary component of this trash were hundreds of beverage containers mostly glass and plastic bottles with some aluminum cans. Also present was a large quantity of styrofoam fragments and a number of items of footwear.

Arligton Fairfax IWLA Chapter Members; Bill Rouck, Paul Miller and Vinnie Caporale at the Route 28 Access Point

From Left to Right - Bill Rouck, Paul Miller and Vinnie Caporale.

Impromptu Cleanups for July

In addition to our effort on August 1st, a few volunteers spent some time during the month of July removing some of the larger flood borne debris from the stream bed of Bull Run near the confluence of Little Rocky Run. Among the trash collected were 5 tires, a microwave oven, a 5 gallon pail of driveway sealant, and a phonograph turntable. All which has to be carried for about mile over rough terrain before it could be loaded on a truck for disposal.

July 17, 2010 - Vinnie Caporale and Ned Foster remove large tire from Bull Run

Vinnie Caporale and Ned Foster roll a 150 pound tire out of the water on July 17th.

Click on this link for information about our next scheduled Adopt-A-Stream cleanup of Bull Run.

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1 Bull Run is a stream that runs into the Occoquan River and as such is part of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed.