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Adopt A Stream Cleanup of Bull Run

August 6, 2011

Location : Bull Run downstream from the Route 28 Bridge

As a rule the trash that we pickup from Bull Run mainly originates from litter washed down the storm drains of area roads. This summer has been a bit of an exception.

There has been very little rainfall and no significant flooding since March which has limited the transport of floodborne trash. However, we have noted that some recreational users of the parkland along Bull Run are littering with increasing frequency.

On August 6 we picked up 16 bags of trash in two hours. Much of this was in the form of hundreds of beer bottles strewn along the stream banks and on the sandbars. Corona appears to most popular brand by far.

Young volunteers picking up floodborne debris snaged on a fallen tree.

Keith Bierd removing trash from Bull Run.

Paul Miller examines a liquor bottle as he and Keith Bierd pick up trash strewn about on a sand bar. A pile of Corona beer bottles can been seen at the base of the tree.

Paul Miller carries out a couple of heavy bags full of beer bottles.

August 6th Volunteers - from left to right Ned Foster, Pat Osborne & Co., Keith Bierd, Colin Riley, and Chuck Overpeck.

Impromptu Cleanups for July

In addition to our effort on August 6th, a few volunteers picked up 8 bags of trash from upstream of the Route 28 bridge during the month of July.

Click on this link for information about our next scheduled Adopt-A-Stream cleanup of Bull Run.

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