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Izaak Walton League of America

Watershed Conservation Activities

Bull Run Impromtu Adopt A Stream Clean Ups

August 2nd through September 2010

Little Rocky Run upstream to the Route 28 Bridge

On Sunday September 12th, eight Arlington Fairfax IWLA members conducted a special cleanup of Bull Run that focused on tires and floating trash in the Stream. 10 bags of trash were carried out along with seven tires. The total weight of trash collected was 325 pounds.

Chapter volunteers collect trash from strainer in Bull Run

Barely four weeks had elapsed since we last removed the trash from from the strainer pictured above. In that time hundreds of items of trash collected there along with the stern of a fiberglass motorboat.

Matt Leventry records counts of trash being collected

Tim Ashmore tows his canoe over a riffle

Tim Ashmore paddles upstream with bags of trash

September 12th Count of Bagged items

Quantity Percentage
Styrofoam Fragments 860 61.2%
Plastic bottles 223 15.9%
Plastic Bags, wrappers 67 4.8%
Styrofoam plates, cups, restaurant containers 50 3.6%
Aluminum Cans 48 3.4%
Glass Bottles 37 2.6%
Hard plastic fragments 36 2.6%
Balls and other toys 34 2.4%
Plastic Cups 15 1.1%
Bait Containers, Packaging 10 0.7%
Fishing line and tackle 7 0.5%
Footwear 5 0.4%
Misc Items 5 0.4%
Automotive Fluid bottles 3 0.2%
Household chemicals 3 0.2%
Cigarette Butts 2 0.1%
Clothing and textiles 1 0.1%
TOTALS 1406 100.0%

Additional Efforts

September 4th, Arlington Fairfax IWLA Chapter Members, Ned Foster and Vinnie Caporale removed a bag of trash, a tire and automobile transmission from Bull run. Total weight 170 pounds.

August 28th, Arlington Fairfax IWLA Chapter Members, Ned Foster and Vinnie Caporale removed 151 pounds of trash from Bull Run including 3 tires.

Click on this link for information about our next scheduled Adopt-A-Stream cleanup of Bull Run.

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