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Adopt A Stream Cleanup of Bull Run

December 1, 2012 9:00 am to 12:00 noon

Location : Flood plain downstream from the Route 28 Bridge.

At our last scheduled Adopt A Stream Cleanup for 2012, 17 volunteers removed 1144 pounds of trash from the floodplain of Bull Run.

It began as a frosty day but it quickly warmed up .

Proceeding downstream volunteers were greeted by a wide array of flood borne debris which had collected in a side channel. There, We filled 10 bags with trash.

In the last days of October, 6 inches of rain from Super Storm Sandy flushed an entire summers accumulation of plastic bottles, styrofoam, plastic bags and other litter from the storm drains of local roads into area streams such as Bull Run.

There was widespread flooding throughout the region. According automated flood gauge by the Route 28 bridge, water levels in Bull Run peaked at 18.5 feet on October 30th, almost 16 feet above normal. (OWML)

Over the years we have encountered many large items that have been washed into the stream by flood waters. Truck tires, household appliances, shopping carts and even the occasional bed liner are not unusual. This spool of plastic conduit was a first for us. 1080 feet of 2 inch diameter orange plastic tubing was wound around a 7 1/2 foot diameter reel. The whole assembly weighed over 700 pounds.

To remove the conduit , we unbolted the side of the reel. A reciprocating saw was used to cut the tubing into sections to be carried out. In addition to the plastic tubing we also carried out three tires, a truck bed liner, carpeting and a large plastic utility cover.

Click on this link for information about our next scheduled Adopt-A-Stream cleanup of Bull Run.

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OWML (Occoquan Water Monitoring Laboratory) Station 45