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Adopt A Stream Cleanup of Bull Run

Sunday November 2, 2008

Location : Bull Run near the Route 28 Access Point

Six Volunteers removed more than 1000 pounds of trash from Bull Run and its adjoining flood plain on Sunday November 2nd. At the start of the cleanup, Arlington Fairfax Chapter members Jesse Otremba, Carrie Jackson, William Sly and Colin Riley bagged trash from the shoreline of Bull Run while Ned Foster of Friends of Little Rocky Run used his cart to move the collected tires and other debris to the Route 28 Bridge. Later the participants carried the trash up the hill to the Route 28 Access Point Parking lot.

Breakdown of Trash Collected November 2nd

23 tires including a 140 pound truck tire. 685 pounds
9 bags of polystyrene foam, plastic bags, beverage containers and other trash 205 pounds
A rusted steel drum, some unidentifiable machinery and broken glass 123 pounds
1013 pounds

At this time our section of Bull Run is looking pretty clean although our group can't take the full credit for this. Toby Mallow who is a frequent visitor to the park, on his own initiative has picked up many hundreds if not thousands of beverage containers and other trash from the shoreline of the stream during his hikes. As it happens, Toby was hiking on the trail that Sunday and he joined in to help us carry out some of the trash that we had collected.

It should also be mentioned that 214 pounds of trash was removed from Bull Run during the month of October, most of it from our section upstream from the Route 28 Bridge by Ned Foster. Many thanks to all the participants for their hard work.

Click on this link for information about our next scheduled Adopt-A-Stream cleanup of Bull Run.

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1 Bull Run is a stream that runs into the Occoquan River and as such is part of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed.