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Adopt-A-Stream Cleanup of Cub Run

March 26, 2011 9:00 to 11:30 am

Location : Cub Run from Compton Road upstream to Rocky Run

Nine volunteers came out for the March 26th Clean up of Cub Run.

While it was officially Spring, it sure didn't feel like it in the morning. Temperatures were in the low thirties when we started out.

This event was originally scheduled for Sunday March 27th, however snow was forecast for that day, so it was decided to hold it a day early since it would be necessary to to traverse some rocky and somewhat hilly terrain to reach the target area.

David Soria from the Fairfax County Stormwater Management Division.

Heavy rains earlier in the month and the resultant flooding flushed a great of trash from the roadways into the stormwater drains that go into Cub Run and Bull Run. A large quantity of polystyrene foam fragments as well as a number plastic bottles were deposited by floodwaters in the flood plain under the high tension wires within the park.

David Soria and Mark Richardson work on picking up some of the thousands styrofoam fragments deposited by recent flooding of Cub Run.

Arlington Fairfax Chapter Members David Honey and Mark Richardson remove plastic bags from a Route 66 stormwater drain.

A large quantity of plastic bags and plastic sheeting was collected in the stormwater drainages Route 66 and Compton road.

Group photo March 26th Adopt A Stream Cleanup of Cub Run

From Left to Right Dillon T., Max T., Jacob T., Jay Kahn, David Soria, David Honey, Glenn Loop, Mark Richardson.

In 2 1/2 hours we carried out 11 bags of plastic sheeting, plastic bags, plastic bottles, and styrofoam as well a pickup truck cap, a lawn mower and a kayak paddle.

Total weight of trash collected was 265 pounds.
The Arlington Fairfax Chapter of the IWLA would like to thank Irene Haske of the Fairfax County Stormwater Management Division for arranging to have a County truck haul the trash away and to David Soria for volunteering his time to this cleanup.

Click on this link for information about our next scheduled Adopt-A-Stream cleanup of Cub Run.

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An additional 10 bags of trash had been removed from flood plain under the power line right of way before the March 7th rain event.
They were carried out on the weekend of March 12-13.