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Virginia Waterways Cleanup

Shoreline Cleanup of Mason Neck State Park

September 4, 2010

Nine people participated in the " Virginia Waterways Cleanup" of Mason Neck State Park.

Working along a half mile stretch of beach between the Bayview trail and Sandy Point, the trash along the shoreline was sparse compared to our previous cleanups efforts in the park. Volunteers collected three bags of trash with a total weight of 39 pounds. Most of the debris consisted of small fragments of hard plastic and styrofoam along with the usual beverage containers and plastic bags. Unlike previous cleanups at Mason Neck, we did not encounter any tires or larger items of trash.

Although I would like to think that this is a permanent change, it is likely that this lack of litter is due to the low stormwater flow from the local roads and over the spillway of the Occoquan Reservoir Dam this summer.



Scheduled over the Labor Day Weekend, this event was part of the Ocean Conservancy's International Coastal Cleanup held each Fall for the dual purpose of removing trash from waterways and collecting data on the types of trash found in our waterways. Our voluteers recorded the following data.

Item Description Item Count Percentage of Sample
Plastic foam fragments 125 27.78%
Hard plastic fragments 72 16.00%
Plastic Caps, lids 48 10.67%
Plastic bottles 43 9.56%
Food wrappers, Containers 34 7.56%
Aluminum cans 24 5.33%
Plastic Bags 17 3.78%
Cups,plates,plastic utensils 15 3.33%
Straws, stirrers 10 2.22%
Shotgun shells, wads 9 2.00%
Bait Containers 6 1.33%
Cigar tips plastic 6 1.33%
Glass bottles 5 1.11%
Toys 5 1.11%
ball point pens 5 1.11%
Strapping bands 4 0.89%
Cigarettes, Cigarette filters 4 0.89%
Clothing, shoes 3 0.67%
Cigarette lighters 3 0.67%
plastic sheeting 3 0.67%
Ballons 2 0.44%
Rope 2 0.44%
Buoys, Floats 2 0.44%
Oil, lube bottles 1 0.22%
Car parts 1 0.22%
Diapers 1 0.22%
Totals 450 100.00%

Employees of Datran Media

The Membership of the Arlington Fairfax Chapter of the Izaak Walton to thank the employees of Datran Media for their participation.

Click on this link for information about our next scheduled cleanup at Mason Neck State Park.

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1. This particular event was organized by the Arlington Fairfax Chapter of the IWLA in partnership with the Clean Virginia Waterways Organization as part of the annual "Virginia Waterways Cleanup ".