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Virginia Waterways Cleanup - Mason Neck State Park

October 13, 2012

Turnout at the Virginia Waterways Cleanup was admittedly disappointing with only two people participating. The weather was great with temperatures in the mid 60's and calm conditions on the water. There was plenty of trash to pick up due to recent rains, unlike the cleanup at last June Mason Neck when 62 volunteers showed up.

We borrowed one of the parks canoes and proceeded a mile down the shoreline to Sandy Point to focus on the shoreline along Occoquan Bay.

Scott Jones in the canoe with load of trash.

The total weight of trash collected was 281 pounds, which included 3 car tires, 5 bags of trash, a boat fender and crab floats.

The water clarity in Belmont Bay was exceptional with lush submerged aquatic vegetation (SAV) covering large areas. Though largely eurasian milfoil, native SAV such as wild celery and widgeon grass are well established throughout Belmont and Occoquan Bay.

Looking into the water, countless glass bottles could be seen laying on the bottom along Sandy Point. A new batch of 1970's era pull tab beer cans also made an appearance since we were there last.

Looking across belmont bay to the Covanta Waste to Energy Plant, 4 miles away, the eventual destination of the trash that we picked up.

A couple of the many soda bottles that we pulled out of the water which were in good enough condition that they could be reused.

Clean Virginia Waterways Organization

Click on this link for information about our next scheduled cleanup at Mason Neck State Park.

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