Image List

Aerial View of Property
Field House

Rifle Range

Rifle Range
View from firing line
Firing Line

Shotgun Range

Shotgun Range Field House
Shotgun Range
Field one on the Shotgun Range

Cub Run Archers

Indoor Archery Range
Front view of the Cub Run Fire
Rear view of the Cub Run Fire

The Other Facilities

Youth Air Rifle Range
Target archery field
Large Pavillion

The Pond

IWLA Pond 1
IWLA Pond 2
The pond in the fall
Channel Catfish caught in the pond
Small Pavillion

Cub Run

Outlet to Cub Run
What lies across Route 66
Cub Run Stream
Virginia Bluebells


Eastern Box Turtle
Pickerel Frog
Leopard Frog
American Toad
Deer at the pond
White tail Deer Feeding
Gray squirrel
Red Fox
Canada Goose
Praying Mantis
Praying Mantis on a rifle
Bee colonies

Scenic Views

Path into the woods
Past stone wall
Wildflower meadow
Wildlife Feeding Field