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Fishing in Cub Run

by Colin Riley

Located near Centreville, Virginia, Cub Run provides some good opportunities for ultralite and fly fishing of smallmouth bass from Big Rocky Run downstream to Compton Road.

Fishermen help to curb plastic pollution by disposing of your fishing line properly as well as any discarded fishing line that you come across.

Prevent the spread of non native aquatic species and fish diseases by cleaning your boat and gear before fishing in a different body of water.

Aggressive little 5 inch bass caught on an inline spinner

Although this particular stretch is within the bounds of Cub Run Stream Valley Park, the closest parking to this area is not at the park's parking lot but at a pull off near the Compton Road Bridge over Cub Run across the road from the UOSA* plant.

Smallmouth bass from Cub Run

Most of the bass that I have caught in Cub Run are in the 12 to 13 inch range.

My best success has been using 1/32 to 1/16 oz lead head jigs with two inch rubber grubs in white, black, yellow or chartruse. Inline spinners can also work but the fish generally hug the rocks in the deeper pools so lead head jigs are a better choice to target them.

Smallmouth bass or possibly a smallmouth-spotted bass hybrid.

Large populations of crayfish live in the stream and are likely a big forage item for bass and other fish. Lures that imitate crayfish will likely incite a number of strikes.

I have also caught a number of sunfish in the shallow pools on 1/16 and 1/8 ounce inline spinners but none of the fish were of any size.

Hybrid sunfish caught in Cub Run March 25, 2012.
It appears to be a mix of green sunfish with a red breast sunfish.

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* UOSA - Upper Occoquan Sewage Authority

1. Cub Run is a fairly large tributary stream in the Occoquan Watershed and consequently is a important component of the Occoquan Reservoir. Much of Cub Run runs under or along major highways, which tends to have a negative effect on the waterquality making the stream somewhat eutropic.

2. After a good rain, the stretch between Route 29 and Compton Road is considered to be a Class I-III Whitewater that is fairly popular with local kayakers even though it is a pretty short run.